The Foundation believes that any student, who deserves education, should not be denied the opportunity for want of financial support. To achieve this we have a liberal scheme of assisting needy/meritorious students with the help of our Donors.

A. Endowment Fund Scholarships. A one-time endowment helps to give financial assistance to deserving students on a perpetual basis. The amount donated is kept in the form of FDR with the Punjab National Bank and the assistance is provided from the interest earned. The following Endowment Scholarships are available at present.

1. Devki Nandan Kalawati Memorial Fund

2. M.C. Shukla Memorial Fund

3. Janki Chopra Memorial Fund

4. SItare Lal Memorial Fund

5. Pirthi Raj & Janak Nandini Memorial Fund

6. Balkishan Gupta Endowment Fund

B. Sponsor a student scholarship. The following Scholarships are available to poor students for completing one year of education in the College.

1. Shanti Devi Scholarships

2. Sharma Goel Scholarships

3. Sarla Devi Scholarship

4. Shyam Lal Gupta & Vimal Prabha Scholarship

5. Kundan Puri Scholarships

6. Vishwavati Scholarship

7. Sarjeet Goyal Scholarship

8. Raghunandan S Goyal Scholarship

9. Smt. Sansara Devi & Sh. Brij Mohan Sarup Scholarship

10. Mr. & Mrs. JC Bhasin Scholarship

11. The scholarships as per the various schemes of the Government may be arranged by the Principal as the Policy.