Report of Webinar on Intellectual Property Rights

A webinar on “Intellectual Property Rights conducted by Patent Office,Delhi under National Intellectual Property Awareness Mission(NIPAM) on 10.02.2022.Ms.Rajbala ,Coordinator of the webinar welcomed Chief Guest Sh.B.B Pardhan, Chairman, Pradhan Foundation and Keynote speaker Ms.Nisha Jangra, Examiner of Patents & Designs , Patent Office (Delhi) .Ms.Nisha Jangra started the webinar with the basic definition of ‘Patent’. She explained the different types of patents. She also discussed Career opportunities, Geographical Indications and a Good Trademark. Using academic help from writing service she beautifully explained the importance of Inventive steps & Industrial apps. In this webinar, around 120 students with 15 staff members participated. This webinar is very interactive and beneficial to all participants . After the expert talk, participants asked the quires regarding patent filling and expert gave the answers beautifully. At the end of the webinar, Dr.Neelam Prabha, Director M.L.B College, gave vote of thanks to resource persons and all the participants.