Best Practices Of Maharani Lakshmi Bai College


The mission of the college is to empower rural girls and women with higher education. To achieve this mission college has taken following initiativesx:

  1. No girl would be deprived of higher education due to shortage of finances
  2. Merit Scholarships to school toppers
  3. Fee concession to single girl child or only girls in the family
  4. Scholarships on merit-cum-mean basis
  5. We motivate people to send their daughter-in laws also for higher education and we are successful in that as there are many married girls who are studying in the college.
  6. Transport facility from all the surrounded villages
  7. Special classes for competitive examinations
  8. Special short term skill oriented courses in Stitching, Cooking, Driving and Beauty Culture.


Second best practice is to make Eco friendly campus and motivate people for green living, save water and drug abuse. To achieve this the college has taken following steps:

  1. Tree plantation by Staff, NSS Volunteers and NCC Cadets
  2. Adoption of plants by students
  3. Cage for waste plastic bottles
  4. Use of LED bulbs
  5. Prepared vermicompost from dry leaves and dry kitchen waste
  6. Prepared BIO-Enzyme from citrus fruit peels and jaggery for cleaning
  7. Plastic free zone campaign
  8. Organised Street Plays and group songs on Say no to Plastic, Save water, Green Living, Say No to Drugs, etc. in adopted village Bhiwani Rohilla
  9. Graffiti Wall for students to express their ideas
  • Wall writings, Wall paintings on social issues