Vision & Mission


बेटियां सृष्टि  का आधार भी, संसार भी


Women empowerment through career-oriented higher education.


Raising rural potential.

We at MLB College firmly believe in imparting formal education with extra-curriculum for skill development. The written and oral communication skills, a dignified self-presentation in society, sports, music, dance, literature, reading and writing habits, analytical thought process, positive thinking and amiable attitude are the areas addressed on day to day basis among students.

The empowerment comes from economic independence and self-confidence. It is our determined endeavour to acquaint the students with ‘Open for all’ areas of career-making with competitive examinations vis-a-vis other avenues of vocational excellence in the fields of cooking, baking, tailoring, art-work etc. The basic learning for a successful career needs to be addressed at the college level which includes knowledge of computers, the ability to perform in a group, problem-solving, general awareness and a zeal to achieve the target. The women’s education is a practical instrument to defeat the demon of social evils against women. The women in our society are being treated as easy prey vulnerable to torture and crimes including eve-teasing, rape and treatment as second-grade citizens.  A girl enriched with higher education and trained in self-defence can lead a dignified life in the family and society.